Ballerina Girl….you are so lovely!
This was last June. She has grown so much!
I got to be a backstage mom for my baby girl’s first recital! She did so well. She was the youngest in her class (she actually started before she turned two). There were 4 girls: Ashlyn, Maddie, Penelope, and Allie Ann. They were awesome! Her tap number was to a dog song medley. How Much is That Doggie in the Window?, Who Let the Dogs Out? and Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hounddog. Her ballet number was an instrumental princess dance. Her teachers were Ashley, Sam, and Sissy.
Thanks Dance Workshop!!


Verona’s First Birthday

We had a Spaghetti bash for Verona’s first birthday. It was too fun. We had way too much food!

We had our pics professionally done by a local photographer: Kassie Moore. She took some gorgeous pictures!!

Love you Roni!!

Penelope’s 3!

We had a music theme for Penelope’s 3rd birthday. Mr. David, the music/puppet guy from KinderCare came and entertained the kids. We invited Penny’s little friends from school. We had a blast. We had to move her birthday party up a little bit because we were moving to Austin.
Penny got a rat named Molly Jones for her birthday. When Boone told her that my birthday was also coming up, she got real excited and said, “let’s get her a rat!” So, I have a rat named Desmond Jones (female). They are a lot of fun.
Penelope is so bright. She amazes us every day with the things she says. She uses words like ‘unpredictable’.
Penelope is also very sweet. She loves to forgive her Daddy for breaking the TV….every day. She shares with her sister and gives great hugs.
We love you Penelope Kismet! You’re the best of our lives!!

Found this draft blog entry….never published it because I was compiling photos of V at the time. I’m going to do some blog posts to catch us up…

You took a step! We were just practicing standing and being amazed at how long you can stand. We were recording it and Boom! You took a step! You are awesome. You can say Mama, Dada, Dog, Cat, Kitty, ByeBye, and Baby!! We’re working on Sissy….You two are so cute together. You are really good at sharing with Penelope. Sometimes you don’t want to give up whatever it is you are playing with, so Penny lets you keep it. She’s learning what it takes to keep you happy.


Penelope went right up to him and said, “Santa, can you bring me a puppy please?”

Our Christmas card photo…

We had a busy Christmas. Everyone came over to our house. It was a great day!

Great Grandpa explaining the presents they gave to the Great Grandkids…..College funds!!!

Puppy she got from Santa…



They got lollipops that have reindeer noses on them. Roni tries to figure it out.

Penny’s got it!


Roni got a piano from Santa. She loves it!

Penny got a puppy pillow from Ma and Papa…..

It’s a great pillow.

Everyone agrees!

Thanksgiving and Camping!

We had a great Thanksgiving at Uncle Rick’s house. Penelope mastered the swing set. She climbed all the way to the top all by herself!

Penny playing in the leaves

Riley playing in the leaves

Ro playing in the leaves


Uncle Mark (this is her ‘smile for the camera face’)

We went camping that weekend. Our first trip and it was a huge success. Penny had a blast and loves waking up in the tent. It was freezing cold and nobody wanted to stay the night, but we had a lot of day visitors.

Uncle Beartoe squatted down to be closer to Penny; she thought she needed to squat too!

Proud of her Trail Burger!!

8 Months and 2 Years

Fall is upon us, Penny, you just turned 2 Years old, Verona, you are already 8 months. You two love to make each other laugh, especially in the bath-tub. Just a few nights ago, Mama and I were outside the tub bathing the two of you, you were both splashing like crazy, giggling, and Penny dumped a huge cup of water out of the tub soaking both parents… Nicely played, little one, nicely played. You both are a constant source of entertainment for us.

Penelope you are so inquisitive, and have a great imagination, you seem to love words, you catch us off guard with new phrases, you are constantly quoting your favorite movies (“Nightmare Before Christmas, “Bolt”, “How to Train Your Dragon”). Your favorite sentences consist of “I want…”, “No!”, “That’s mine.”, “I love you so much.” You love going to your dance classes every Friday. You have started creating imaginary things for us to see, always handing us invisible geckos, balloons, robots, Hiccup (from How to Train Your Dragon), and of course invisble m&m’s. You absolutely love cupcakes, your Mama and you made cupcakes this past weekend, and you were so excited.

Verona… You are developing very fast. You started saying “Mamamama mamamama” in the last couple of weeks, as well as “Babababa bababa bababa”. You also are learning to get around, you’ve started crawling on your belly, attempting to crawl on your hands and knees and pulling yourself up to standing. You are always smiling. You have learned to pinch the tender part of the neck when we are holding you. You are very much a Mama’s girl. When she walks into a room you immediately start calling “Mama mamamamamaamma”. You love making that great raspberry sound with your tongue, you are very attentive, always watching and trying to figure things out.

For Halloween, Penny was a monkey and Verona was a banana. I love how close you two are already becoming.